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Welcome to Buzzed Turtle!

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Welcome to Buzzed Turtle ... The home of a HUGE collection of the coolest, dopest, badest, and *greenest shirts on the PLANET! We're excited to bring you the very latest designs from world class artists covering just about every subject of interest ... and in the size you want.

If you love Dogs, Cats, Birds, The United States or just about anything else you can think of and want to start a conversation around what matters to you- It will begin with someone saying "Hey Awesome Shirt! Where did you find that?!" These creative and unique shirts are definitely attention getters!

A Buzzed Turtle is anyone digging life the slow n easy way- with a desire to decorate the exterior of all the goodness you carry around with you. We invite you to hang around and enjoy our collection of unique and quality shirts from artists whose designs are second to none!  Thanks for stopin by and checking us out. We're sure you'll love Buzzed Turtle as much as we do! Please bookmark us and share us with your friends!  


Best, Geo. Spike Riel - Owner 


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